National association of resource teachers.


National Association of Resource Teachers Bulgaria (NART) is a national NGO for professionals working for full and functional integration, inclusion and education of children with different abilities and needs in the mainstream schools.

We have regional offices in the 28 districts of the country and over 1100 current members. We work in collaboration with local authorities, representatives of parents’ associations, other non-government organisations, educational and training institutes and universities.

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Публикувано на 2020-10-19

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Register of Resource Teachers and Professionals

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Build a more inclusive society supporting ECEC educators for the development of socio emotional competences in pre-school children

Публикувано на 2019-12-05

Project Acronym: BE-CHILD Project Start Date: 1st December 2019 Project End Date: 31st May 2022 Project Total Duration: 30 months   The project BE CHILD /2019-1-IS01-KA201-051137/ is funded...

Stand up AGAINST extremism

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The project “Standup AGAINST extremism” is a project of KD1 of the programme “Erasmus +”. It took place from 20th to 27th November 2019 in Zakopane, Poland. The NART was a...

Inclusive and innovative STE(A)M education for students with special educational needs

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Project Acronym: STEAM4SEN Project Start Date: 1st Sept. 2019 Project End Date: 28th Feb 2022 Project Total Duration: 30 months   The NART is a partner in the project STEAM4SEN/Project ID...


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Project Total Duration: 6 months The project “Learn and grow together” 2018-1-BG01-ESC11-061126 under the programme “European Solidarity Corps” is going to start in the...

Experiencing augmented reality on culture heritage applications in iVET

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Project Acronym: CULT-APP Project Start Date: 1st Nov. 2019 Project End Date: 30th April 2021 Project Total Duration: 30 months The project CULT-APP/2018-1-DE02-KA202-005088/is funded by the...