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ЕSC project2022

Posted on 2022-09-09

Duration : 6 months

Project 2021-1-BG01-ESC51-VTJ-00003734 under the European Solidarity Corps program is held during  2022.

Participants in the project are 5 young people (18-30 years) - 3 international volunteers and 2 Bulgarian volunteers.
The project is implemented in Sofia within the period of 6 months after each of the volunteersa arrives.

The main objective of the project is the formation of knowledge and skills to support youth employment and motivation for professional realization of young people from minorities and young people at risk of dropping out of school. The aim is to create opportunities for volunteers from different countries to carry out informal trainings and to engage in intercultural dialogue with the young people and thus to contribute to their successful integration into the labor market and to support the development of their social skills. The project activities include implementation of non-formal education and training to support children with special educational needs and students at risk in the school environment and during the summer school of RCSPIE (Sofia), intercultural dialogue and exchange of good practices,office work related to project topics and others.

Register of Resource Teachers and Professionals

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Register of Resource Teachers and Professionals

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