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Knowledge of Human Rights

Posted on 2021-09-13

Start date: 01.09.2021

End date: 01.02.2021

Duration: 18 months

The project "Knowledge of Human Rights" is funded by the Active Citizens Fund/ Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2014-2021.

National Association of Resource Teachers is a partner of the "Knowledge" Association - Lovech, which are the leading organization of the project.

The main goal of the project "Knowledge of human rights" is to achieve a positive change in the trends of human rights violations, intolerance, discrimination and the use of hate speech among young people and students.

Within the project, a pilot program on "Tolerance, anti-discrimination and human rights" will be developed and tested. It will be implemented by teachers from 10 Bulgarian schools trained to work with the program. The project  will reach over 200 students.

In the short term, the project will contribute to putting the topic of human rights in the focus of public attention through trainings for teachers, young people and media representatives, local youth initiatives and a national student debate "Your rights". In the long run, the project will provide an opportunity to build an informal network of young people who will be able to cooperate in the implementation of activities. This is especially valuable for settlements where there are no youth organizations and clubs.

Register of Resource Teachers and Professionals

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Register of Resource Teachers and Professionals

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