National association of resource teachers.


About NART

National Association of Resource Teachers Bulgaria (NART) is a national NGO  for professionals working for full and functional integration, inclusion and education of children with different abilities and needs in the mainstream schools.

NART’s Mission in Bulgaria is to promote continuous improvement of the quality of education and social services in support of the integration and inclusion of all children.
We have regional offices in the 28 districts of the country and over 1100 current members.

We work in collaboration with local authorities, representatives of parents’ associations, other non-government organisations, educational and training institutes and universities.


  • Professional Competency

Ensure that all resource teachers have the skills and expertise needed to meet the educational, socialand emotional needs of all children and young people in Bulgaria

  • Advocacy

Advocate for the value of resource teachers services and for appropriate research-based education and therapy for all children, youth, and families.

  • Diversity

Enhance the association’s responsiveness, through a focus on behavior, attitudes, and policy to populations whose diversity may be expressed in terms of race, ethnicity, gender and gender expression, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, ability, religion, and/or language.

  • Members Services

Provide quality membership services to resource teachers engaged in multiple professional roles.

  • Operational Excellence

Maintain an effective infrastructure (e.g., governance, national office, and financial) to enable efficient and responsive service to all constituents.

  • External Relationships & Communications

Promote the work and the importance of the regional centers to the general public and enhance collaboration with key stakeholders. Help members stay abreast of current issues that are shaping the field, affecting the lives of students, and influencing professional careers. NART is committed to standards of excellence and innovation in educational research, practice, and policy.  NART works to enhance professional practice for teachers of special education and to build public support for high quality special education programs.


  • Organizing  research activities on issues related to the development of resource support, integration and inclusion in the educational and social services system.
  • Organizing  trainings for all specialists  to resource support including general education teachers and social service providers of social services for children and parents.
  • Organizing  advisory, expert and coordination councils on various issues: methodological, legal, informational and other services supporting the activities of the members.
  • Supporting and encouraging  the organization of scientific conferences and meetings in the country and abroad devoted to the aims of the Association
  • Interacting with competent state authorities
  • Providing opinions on working versions of normative acts, guidelines, decisions and other public documents related to the goals of the Association.
  • Maintaining relations with the mass media and conducting targeted activities for rising awareness about the goals and the work of the Association as well as of the importance of the problems related to the absorptions of the European funds provided to the country.
  • Cooperates with similar organizations and organizations.
  • Supporting and participating in government projects in areas related to the goals of the Association.
  • Organizing national, regional and international symposiums, lectures, conferences on issues related to the objectives of the Association.
  • Providing educational and social services;
  • Organing and participates in contact groups with local and state
Register of Resource Teachers and Professionals

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Register of Resource Teachers and Professionals

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